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Sweet Cheese
Fronte sweet cheese

Sweet Cheese CBD

Lot N° SC0010

Category: Cannabis CBD

starting from €5.00 /gr

The CBD Mania Sweet Cheese CBD is made from sweet cheese inflorescences that give this product its great flavor. The CBD content of the Sweet Cheese CBD is 9.00%, and the THC content stands at 0.18%, which is considerably below the legal limit.

This is a great balance of cannabidiol and THC that prevents the psychoactive effects of THC while promoting the medical benefits of CBD. The medical benefits of CBD include pain relief, inflammation reduction, effective depression and anxiety treatment, and anti-psychosis.

All the plants cultivated by CBD Mania, including those used for this Sweet Cheese CBD, are completely pesticide and GMO-free.

Fruity and Earthy Flavors

Excellent CBD aromas are a big part of the smoking experience. That's why, CBD Mania's Sweet Cheese CBD is rich in fruity and earthy flavors, with notes of hash and a hint of cheese, which gives this product its name.

The Sweet Cheese CBD achieves its distinctive flavor as a result of the terpenes methyl mercaptan and hexanoic acid that is naturally produced by the plant.

CBD Size Options

When purchasing the Sweet Cheese CBD by CBD Mania, you have a range of size options to choose from, including:

Pricing Table

Size Price Price per Gram
3 gr €30.00 You pay €10.00 per gram
6 gr €48.00 You pay €8.00 per gram
9 gr €63.00 You pay €7.00 per gram
25 gr €160.00 You pay €6.40 per gram
50 gr €300.00 You pay €6.00 per gram
100 gr €500.00 You pay €5.00 per gram


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