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Mock olio mct 15

15% CBD OIL in MCT

Category: CBD Oils


CBD oil 15% properties and characteristics:

MCT oil (medium chain triglycerides obtained from coconut oil) enriched with CBD (99.7% pure cannabidiol). CBD is cold extracted directly from the hemp flower, using supercritical CO2 technology that guarantees high purity of CBD. MCT oil is tasteless and is a great dietary supplement. It does not contain THC.

Cannabidiol is used in many pain therapies, is an exceptional relaxant and has no psychotropic effect.

Directions for use: shake before use. Oral use.

Storage: keep away from sources of heat and light. Once opened, keep refrigerated. The expiry date is indicated on the package.

N.B .: this product is not a drug. The production and distribution is regulated by the law of 2 Dec. 2016, n.242.

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