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Charas CBD

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Charas cbd
Fronte charas

Charas CBD New Version!

Lot N° WAF 2201

Category: CBD Weed

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Charas CBD is a limited edition CBD Mania product produced after the Harvest of hemp plants. Charas CBD has been used for medicinal and religious purposes in India for thousands of years and is now used widely all over the world due to its calming effects.

This Charas CBD has a CBD content of 10% and a low THC content of under 0.14%. This careful balance of CBD and low THC means the CBD Mania Charas CBS is entirely legal and benefits from all the positive side effects of the cannabis plant.

Fruity, Mint, and Forrest Notes

The flavor and aroma of cannabis are two of the most important aspects of the smoking experience. That's why CBD Mania is pleased to offer this dark brown Charas CBD with intense fruity, mint, forest, and earth flavors.

This mix of flavors is suited to most pallets but is particularly suited to those who enjoy Hashish flavors.

Weight Options

The CBD Mania team understands that customers want to CBD products to fit their personal usage. That's why this high-quality Charas CBD is available in a range of weight options.

Available weight options:

Pricing Table

Size Price Price per Gram
1 gram €9.00 €7.65 You pay €9.00 €7.65 per gram
3 grams €24.00 €20.40 You pay €8.00 €6.80 per gram
6 grams €42.00 €35.70 You pay €7.00 €5.95 per gram
9 grams €58.50 €49.72 You pay €6.50 €5.52 per gram
25 grams €155.00 €131.75 You pay €6.20 €5.27 per gram
50 grams €300.00 €255.00 You pay €6.00 €5.10 per gram
100 grams €500.00 €425.00 You pay €5.00 €4.25 per gram


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