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Moonrock CBD

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Moonrock hash cbd
Fronte moonrock

Moonrock CBD New Version!

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Category: CBD Weed

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Our Moonrock is an exclusive product, and is basically a quality gemstone coated with a hash oil extract and a sticky, concentrated substance known as kief.

Its final appearance is that of small stones encrusted with a hard shell of CBD resin crystals.

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The result is a combination of hashish oil, marijuana top and kief, a traditionally extracted variety from India, Nepal or Afghanistan.

You are probably wondering... What is Kief?

Kief is a mixture of trichomes and resins that reside on the outside of the buds of the legal cannabis plant. If you have ever looked closely at a cannabis plant or bud, you will have noticed that they are covered in mushroom-shaped resin glands, also known as trichomes.

Trichomes, for the uninitiated, are the tiny crystal-like resin glands that reside on the flowers of both male and female cannabis plants. If you have ever seen pictures of marijuana buds covered in crystals, those crystals are trichomes and they are the main ingredient in kief.

When these trichomes break down, kief is produced. Simply put, kief is the accumulation of trichomes.


The unique composition of MoonRocks gives it a unique appearance and has gained fame for its legendary status. It looks like regular light cannabis covered in resin.

It is no coincidence that Moonrock means 'moon rock'; in fact, their round appearance is reminiscent of the moon rocks found in the craters of the moon, making them extremely attractive.


It is certainly not known who was the first to create a moonrock, but one of the forerunners is undoubtedly the American rapper Kurupt who launched his own line in 2015 with the same name, together with producer and director Dr. Zodiak.


As with any product, the quality of Moonrock on the market depends on the quality of the raw materials.

The flavour, thickness and creaminess offered by the combination of the flowers with the best resins is a true parallel universe in which to discover new sensations never experienced before.

This light hemp product is one of the most popular on the market. The exquisite aroma is strong and fruity. However, it has a dry aroma due to the CBD pollen.

You will be won over by the unique aromas of this product.


The production of this product comes from organic and eco-responsible cultivation in cooperation with Italian farms.

To ensure high quality, our final product comes from experienced growers who use 100% natural products, free of fertilisers that may contain heavy metals or GMO substances.

How it is obtained

Moon rocks are obtained by taking the top and either soaking it in hash oil concentrate or spraying it with CBD resin.

They are usually made from Girl Scout Cookies flowers and concentrates, but can be made from any variety of legal cannabis inflorescence. The coated top is then rolled in kief.

Finally, you get a compact and potent space bud with an abundant percentage of CBD.