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Blackberry Kush CBD

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Blackberry cbd
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Blackberry Kush CBD

Lot N° 2852/21

Category: CBD Weed

starting from €4.00 /gr

Italian indoor cultivation

Blackberry Kush CBD has large purple buds with deep orange pistils.
The flavour is mostly sweet due to the fruity notes with a strong blueberry aroma, but also has very intense nuances due to a good concentration of resin.
The highly perceptible aroma of blueberries combined with a delicate and completely natural scent of hemp plants is a unique proposition for every connoisseur of light hemp.

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1 gram €10.00 You pay €10.00 per gram
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6 grams €42.00 You pay €7.00 per gram
9 grams €54.00 You pay €6.00 per gram
25 grams €135.00 You pay €5.40 per gram
50 grams €250.00 You pay €5.00 per gram
100 grams €400.00 You pay €4.00 per gram