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We are convinced that hemp is an extraordinary resource for different reasons.
It doesn't need chemistry to grow , its seeds and oils are the richest foods of proteins and nutrients. It can be used in green building, and it is possible to create resistant and sustainable fabrics.

It can have medical purposes to relieve the pain of serious diseases and can cure others.
In these years it has also become an alternative for many young people who have difficulty to "invent" how to live.

The production of hemp in Italy has been flourishing until the 1940s and has suffered an arrest after the industrialization and the “Economic boom”. Today in Italy, according to Coldiretti's estimates, are active over 300 companies with a number ever increasing of about a thousand hectares and they see in hemp a cultivation that can provide those profits that other extensive crops no longer provide.

We aren't doctors and it isn't a site which treats medical cannabis. We advise you to contact a specialist doctor who will be able to advise you how to use Medical Cannabis to help you live better.

CBD oil has been studied for its potential role to treat many common health problems, including anxiety, depression, acne, and heart disease.

For cancer patients, it can also provide a natural alternative for pain and symptom relief.

The research about the potential health benefits of CBD oil is in progress.

While there is much to learn about CBD's efficacy and safety, recent study results suggest that CBD can provide a natural, safe and potent treatment for many health problems.

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The CBD Points will be credited to your personal account and can only be used under the terms set out in these conditions of participation. The current balance of the points collection is always available in the personal area on the website

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We decided not to post reviews from our customers for different reasons. Reviews to be trusted must be verified, so you need a verified identity.

We care about the privacy of our customers so we don't publish the reviews because we don't want to post anonymous reviews or fake reviews as often happens in many websites.

This doesn't mean that the opinion of our customers is not essential for us, so we still send emails with requests for product feedback in order to improve our products range and understand more and more the needs of our customers.

Yes. With the products on offer it is possible to receive CBD Points.

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Per rimettere il pacco in consegna è necessario contattare il corriere di riferimento e chiedere lo svincolo della giacenza. I tempi richiesti per lo svincolo della giacenza sono di circa 24 h.

Svincolare la giacenza significa richiedere una nuova consegna gratuita a seguito di un primo tentativo di recapito non andato a buon fine, presumibilmente per assenza del destinatario, indirizzo errato o consegna rifiutata dal destinatario.

Lo svincolo della giacenza può essere effettuato in diversi modi:

  1. Via Internet collegandosi al sito del corriere di riferimento nella sezione servizi on-line.
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  3. Contattando il nostro servizio di assistenza clienti che si occuperà dello svincolo e rimettere il pacco in consegna.

The cultivation of industrial hemp is allowed by The European Regulation-Delegate-n.-639-2014 and The European Regulation n.1307/2013

This means that the "legal buds" that were previously almost all waste products in the industrial hemp supply chain - to be truly legal and remain on the market must be low in THC (the "psychoactive" part of the plant, distinct from CBD, the one with relaxing effects).

Our products aren't sold to be hired. If a driver is found in possession of marijuana or similar, the police forces can in fact order its seizure to analyze its composition and determine if you are in possession of a narcotic substance.

In the meantime, they can suspend driving license and oblige the suspect to undergo toxicological tests to ascertain if he is in a driving situation in altered state.The same thing can happen in the event of an accident with deaths or serious injuries: if it is used regularly there is a strong probability of being positive

Yes, all products in our website are for adult customers , with age greater than 18 years.

Unfortunately, can't be recognized legal inflorescences for technical or collecting use from illegal inflorescences, until a laboratory analysis is carried out.

However, we advise you to avoid carrying around inflorescences.

Even if legal, the police forces may consider it appropriate to seize the inflorescences, then proceed until the value of the analyzes comes out,which will detect the legality of the inflorescence with THC values ​​within the legal limits. They can suspend driving license and oblige the suspect to undergo toxicological tests to ascertain if he is in a driving situation in altered state. If you really have to transport the inflorescences we advise you to keep the sealed package and keep the receipt.

The products have been subjected to laboratory analyzes. We do not purchase or market products if they are not accompanied by regular certified laboratory analyzes. All products, both purchased and produced, are subjected to tests for CBDA, CBD, CBD, Δ9 THC, which give the final values of THC and CBD.

You can preserve your concentrates indefinitely. Just keep in mind that over the time, the cannabinoids break down and the concentrate loses its utility, its quality and its aromas.

A well-stored concentrate, in a silicone container placed in a cool place like a cupboard shelf, will last easily for several weeks.

Keeping it cool or freezing it , can extend the lifetime for several months.

It is always appropriate to consult the opinion of a doctor or a recognized expert.

The right dosage of CBD depends on different variables, such as the subjective sensitivity due to age and the body weight, the type of symptom that you want to alleviate, the concomitance of taking other substances / medicines.

CBD is not a medicine and therefore there aren't officially recognized dosages. There are many studies

which provide guidelines on how and when use and take CBD.

The daily dose is between 4 and 30 milligrams, but we recommend to proceed in steps with small dosages. You can increase them as long as the expected beneficial effects are found.

Because it is a real therapy, you have to be very patient (also a few weeks) to track results and find the right dosage.

Per i prodotti che al momento risultano non disponibili sarà nostra premura renderli di nuovo disponibili nel nostro shop. La disponibilità sarà visualizzabile direttamente sul sito.

L'olio di CBD è adatto alle persone che desiderano una dose più personalizzata di CBD. È sempre una buona idea iniziare con una piccola dose prima di arrivare a un livello adatto alle tue esigenze.

Per questo motivo, per i principianti sono consigliati oli al 5% - 10%. Prenditi il ​​tuo tempo e aumenta gradualmente la dose fino a raggiungere quel punto debole. Saprai quale olio e quante gocce assumere a lungo termine.

No, perché il cannabidiolo è al 100% non psicoattivo e non ha alcun effetto di alterazione della mente.

Il THC è responsabile di questa sensazione "di sballo": il nostro elaborato processo di filtraggio assicura che il nostro olio di CBD sia privo di THC.

Il prezzo dell'olio di CBD è in gran parte determinato dal costo della sua coltivazione, estrazione e certificazione.

Utilizziamo tecnologie sofisticate per estrarre il CBD dalla pianta di canapa e anche per purificarlo, il che rende la produzione dell'olio di CBD un processo molto costoso.

Inoltre, ci sono anche vari costi per i test dei prodotti e il processo legale per coltivare la canapa.

Il THC è il componente inebriante della cannabis. Poiché il CBD stesso è un composto non inebriante e l'olio di CBD contiene solo tracce di THC, non produce effetti che alterano la mente o compromettono le funzioni cognitive. Ciò significa che è completamente sicuro e legale guidare dopo aver assunto CBD.