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Bubble Gum CBD

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Bubble gum cbd
Fronte bubble gum

Bubble Gum CBD

Lot N° 4981/21

Category: CBD Weed

starting from €3.00 /gr

Bubble Gum CBD by CBD Mania is cultivated using indoor-grown inflorescences that release complex flavors to provide a superior smoking experience.

This product has a CBD content of 14.10%, making it perfect for CBD connoisseurs and beginners alike. The Bubble Gum CBD also has a THC content of under 0.2%, which ensures the product is well within the legal limits.

Chewing Gum, Fruit, and Earthy Fragrances

Bubble Gum CBD is known for its complex aromas and mix of flavors. This CBD has a chewing gum, Frutti Rossi, and Fragola scent that, when smoked, offers mint, basil, thyme, grapefruit, strawberry, nectar, and flower aromas.

This mix of flavors makes Bubble Gum CBD the perfect option for experienced cannabis smokers looking for an intricate flavor profile, or those who enjoy spiced, earthy, and fruity notes.

Weight Options

CBD Mania understands that every CBD smoker has a different usage preference, and beginners are unlikely to need as much CBD as experienced users. That's why Bubble Gum CBD comes in a range of weight options.

Available weight options:

Pricing Table

Size Price Price per Gram
1 gram €7.00 You pay €7.00 per gram
3 grams €18.00 You pay €6.00 per gram
6 grams €33.00 You pay €5.50 per gram
9 grams €45.00 You pay €5.00 per gram
25 grams €100.00 You pay €4.00 per gram
50 grams €175.00 You pay €3.50 per gram
100 grams €300.00 You pay €3.00 per gram


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