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Legal cannabis: the Italian legislation of 2016

Legal light cannabis: the law in force since 2016

Our genetics are devoid of the psychotropic effects of THC, while maintaining the beneficial properties typical of cannabis.

The flowers of the Industrial Hemp are legal according to the law 242/2016 (reaffirmed with the Miipaf circular of 23.05.2018), so light marijuana with THC levels up to 0.2% cannot be considered an illegal substance.

Uses permitted by law
Food sector
Cosmetic area
Textile sector
Field of green building

Personal recreational use is not provided for by law 242, therefore not permitted and prohibited by the relevant laws.

The marketing of legal cannabis

Cannabis with a low THC content can be freely distributed and sold without particular authorizations other than those necessary for any commercial exercise: therefore it can be safely bought both in dedicated stores or online stores, as long as it is the weakened one. Moreover, even if more and more tobacconists offer it to their customers.

What are the differences between legal and illegal cannabis

The differences between legal and illegal cannabis by law are clear but people are still very confused today and sometimes there can be some understandable uncertainty even on the part of law enforcement, who have no way of immediately verifying but only through laboratory analysis if of hemp found in someone's possession whether legal or not.

From the point of view of the effects on people, legal cannabis, since as we have seen contains THC for less than 0.2%, does not create any kind of appreciable psychotropic effect, but at the most it is able to confer a sense of relaxation for via del CDB, another substance contained therein. Also, although it is a legal substance, you must be at least eighteen to purchase it.

Medical cannabis is different, which cannot be grown on the balcony of one's home because it is marijuana with an amazing effect in all respects, and has the same characteristics as that which is sold illegally. In Italy it is produced exclusively by the military pharmaceutical chemical plant in Florence and contains THC in a percentage ranging from 5% to 8%. It is distributed only to be sold in pharmacies that use it for various preparations strictly under medical prescription, while recreational use is not allowed, under penalty of a complaint and imprisonment from two to six years in prison.

The behavior of the police

As we have seen, according to law 242 legal hemp can be grown and marketed for food, cosmetics, some types of industrial products or for green building. However, this legislation does not mention any reference to recreational use, therefore the use as a narcotic substance remains prohibited by all other health laws still in force. For this reason cannabis light cannot be smoked anyway.

So how do the police and other law enforcement agencies behave if they find us in possession of legal cannabis? First of all we need to understand that there is no instant way for the police to know for sure whether the hemp we have is legal or not: only laboratory tests can verify this. Therefore, here are some tips if you are stopped in possession of legal cannabis:

Collaborate with law enforcement, who are only doing their job and applying the controls that they are required to do by law.

If they decide to seize it, stay calm and cooperative: if the cannabis is legal, it will be returned to us after the analyzes and there will be no consequences.

Of course, you must always make sure that the light hemp you buy has a THC of no more than 0.2%.

It is advisable to always carry the receipt with you to demonstrate the actual purchase of the product in a specific store.

Make sure that all low THC information is on the package and keep the package sealed when transporting from the shop to your home.

It should also be noted that smoking legal cannabis, even if the percentage of THC is very low, could result in positive drug tests and therefore make it illegal to drive.