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Articles in the category Cultivation

The Sensimilla: the complete guide

Most regular cannabis users who choose to start their own indoor hemp sativa cultivation prefer to focus on producing high-quality buds, either for their own consumption or for their friends.

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How to force a weed plant to flower

This technique allows any marijuana plant or herb to flower when the grower wishes. This article will give you some useful pointers.

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Cannabis cuttings, what they are and how to make them

Creating new plants from your favourite genetics or most characteristic phenotypes is extremely easy and fun, takes up little space and can become an art. In this article we will look at how to create and maintain mother plants in order to get good Cannabis cuttings.

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How to grow weed: the main mistakes to avoid

For many marijuana enthusiasts it is simply a hobby, for others a true art form. Let's face it: growing marijuana, although enjoyable and relaxing, requires a lot of trial and error, a lot of practice, but at the same time it inevitably involves small and large mistakes.

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