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Articles in the category Information

Why do people smoke CBD flowers?

Those who follow the cannabis world know well the history of Cannabis Light. In fact, in some parts of the world, CBD hemp inflorescences are legally marketed. Although it may seem like a "stretch" given that the THC limit, must comply with regulatory guidelines.

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What is CBN or Cannabinol

THC and CBD are not the only ones active ingredients commonly found in cannabis: for years now, CBN or cannabinol has also been the subject of scientific research and studies due to its characteristic sedative effects.

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Effects of Weed and uses

The effects of weed depend on its principal active components: THC is responsible for its pain-relieving, anti-nausea, anti-emetic and appetite-stimulating effects, and CBD promotes its analgesic action, prolonging its duration and reducing its side effects.

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Medical marijuana: what it is, when to use it?

The term 'medical cannabis', also known as Medicinal Cannabis or CM, refers to the medical and therapeutic use of the matured and dried female inflorescences of cannabis sativa light, where this botanical species is used in various treatment options, in various chronic and non-chronic diseases and in so-called pain therapy.

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