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Articles in the category Wellness

CBD cosmetics: what they are, how to use them

CBD-based cosmetics have recently become a major trend in cosmetics, as they are not only new, but also offer proven benefits for the skin, proving to be effective and efficient.

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Benefits, use and effects of cbd or cannabidiol

The effects of CBD or cannabidiol are manifold, and until a few years ago, the main player was undoubtedly THC, due to its psychoactive action. Today, the scientific community has focused on the therapeutic potential of cannabidiol.

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Complete guide to organic cosmetics

In recent years, CBD cosmetics have rapidly attracted the interest of consumers who are increasingly aware of what they are applying to their bodies.

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Cannabis oil: characteristics, uses, properties

The term cannabis oil is generally used to define the different oils derived from the sativa or indica hemp plant, distinguished by the concentration of cannabinoids such as CBD and THC present.

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