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Medical Sector

Since 2006 in Italy, doctors can prescribe magisterial preparations, that are prepared in pharmacy, using Dronabinol or active vegetable substance based on cannabis for medical use.

So, the active substance that derives from inflorescences of the cannabis with the authorization by the National cannabis organization, dried and ground, are to be taken in the form of a decoction or by inhalation with a special vaporizer

In bio building

Of all the natural materials, hemp is one of those that offers the best result. This vegetable, in fact, is easy to cultivate , because it has a rapid growth, low water consumption and very rare parasitic attacks and it is excellent to replace wood, glass and aggregates for the composition of various materials because it is resistant to mold and insects, excellent against fires, light and rich in silica. But especially, hemp is a "carbon negative" material, which synthesizes carbon and reduces CO2 emissions into the atmosphere; therefore it makes the environments in which it is applied healthier and also reduces the polluting emissions of the building process.

For the food sector

Hemp seeds have important nutritional properties. First of all, they contain large quantities of vegetable proteins and essential amino acids of high biological value; they are a natural source of dietary fiber; they contain important B vitamins: B1, B2, B6, vitamin D and vitamin E. Finally, they are a source of potassium and phosphorus. The fats contained in the seeds, from which hemp oil is also extracted, are fats consisting of Omega 3, Omega 6 and Omega 9. All these essential nutrients give hemp seeds anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. The use of hemp seeds in diet reinforces the nervous system and helps to fight various diseases (asthma, acne, cholesterol, etc.).

To produce paper

Making paper with hemp fiber and wood has important advantages: both of his enormous productivity in cellulose(dried hemp contains at least 60% cellulose instead of 40/50% of wood )and for the low percentage of lignin.

For bioplastics

Made with fibers from legal hemp, hemp plastic is now used in the United States - and in various countries around the world - both in the automotive sector and in many other different areas, such as electronics, clothing and accessories for the person, construction, furniture and decoration and even in the production of toys.

Plastic from hemp has all the characteristics to replace traditional plastic, putting an end to the exploitation and use of mineral resources such as oil and chemicals that are extremely harmful both for the environment and for man.

For cosmetics

The use of hemp oil in cosmetics is limited, mainly due to its high cost, but also due to the limitations that regulate the cultivation of cannabis. However, its use in treatments has shown "amazing" results thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties.

Hemp oil in cosmetics can be used on hair, stimulating its growth, and strengthening it with its proteins.

But not only that, hemp oil also nourishes the scalp with gamma-linolenic acid and moisturizes it with vitamin E.

As for application on the skin, hemp oil helps fight acne and alleviates skin inflammations such as eczema, psoriasis, vitiligo, herpes and mycosis; it also increase immune barriers, because cannabinoids help to regenerate skin cells , if they are combined with moisturizing oils.

Finally, some studies support that hemp oil can contrast aging, if applied locally on the skin.

For the car production

Recently, the automotive sector discovered the extraordinary qualities of hemp and for this reason many car components such as dashboards, fabrics, trunks, doors, bodies and hoods are made with hemp plant material.

In Florida a company has joined the Renew sports, with the shall completely realized in hemp fiber and powered by biodiesel or ethanol.

For the biofuels production

The research on biofuels is always in turmoil. In the United States, researchers from the "University of Connecticut" discovered that Cannabis sativa, commonly known as industrial hemp, possesses efficient properties for the production of biodiesel. Hemp is considered ideal for the production of biomass fuels such as ethanol, considered the fuel of the future and which can be produced on a large scale through pyrolysis or fermentation processes in the absence of oxygen; or for biodiesel of natural origin which can be a partial substitute and for internal use of diesel oils, naphtha and derivatives.

For the textile industry

The hemp was used in textile manufacture for thousands of years. The resistance and versatility of its fibers can be exploited for a lot of things, from the production of comfortable articles clothing and most resistant rope on the market.

There are two main types of fiber in the hemp plant. A fibrous part obtained from the stem (long external fibers called "linden") and a woody part (short and internal fibers, called "canapolo"). The best fibers for the textile industry are those obtained from the stem, the longest.

Hemp has been cultivated by ancient civilizations for millennia because of this fibrous part. Stem fibers represent about 20-30% of the whole stem of the plant.

To purify field from dioxin

For some years there has been the idea of ​​cultivating hemp to reclaim land presumably contaminated by Ilva (an iron production and processing company )with dioxins (chemical compounds that are highly toxic for the human body).

Actually, hemp is an important theme to fight pollution for his ability to absorb CO2 and to extract from field heavy metals such as cadmium or dioxin.