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Smoke weed everyday: is it good or bad?

The interest generated by smoking weed has grown exponentially in recent years, sparking heated debates that are still causing discussion in the main State bodies.

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Cannabis, the ultimate guide

Cannabis is an angiosperm plant species in the Cannabaceae family, which belongs to the order Urticales. In nature, there are three main species: Sativa, Indica and Ruderalis with associated subspecies.

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The stages of growing a weed light plant

Impatience is not recommended in almost all aspects of life, one of the few things I have come to realise, but when it comes to growing weed it must be pointed out that it is a fundamental aspect! In this article we will try to guide you in the best possible way so that you can start growing your own legal hemp.

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The difference between: indica vs sativa cannabis

There is a difference between indica and sativa cannabis, and it is a difference that involves several aspects of the plant, aspects related to geographical origin, flowering time, and the positive effects that these different varieties of cannabis give their users.

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