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How to grow weed: the main mistakes to avoid

For many marijuana enthusiasts it is simply a hobby, for others a true art form. Let's face it: growing marijuana, although enjoyable and relaxing, requires a lot of trial and error, a lot of practice, but at the same time it inevitably involves small and large mistakes.

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Medical marijuana: what it is, when to use it?

The term 'medical cannabis', also known as Medicinal Cannabis or CM, refers to the medical and therapeutic use of the matured and dried female inflorescences of cannabis sativa light, where this botanical species is used in various treatment options, in various chronic and non-chronic diseases and in so-called pain therapy.

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The Best weed vaporizer to Buy

More and more people are choosing to consume cannabis through the weed vaporizer, a small and handy device that allows the plant material to be heated, avoiding combustion.

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CBD cosmetics: what they are, how to use them

CBD-based cosmetics have recently become a major trend in cosmetics, as they are not only new, but also offer proven benefits for the skin, proving to be effective and efficient.

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